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Magnus ML-150

Magnus ML-150 is our smallest yet very powerful LED grow light for growers with a smaller space. Pre..

649.00€ Ex Tax: 536.36€

Magnus ML-250

Magnus ML-250 is just like its smaller brother, the ideal light for people who want to grow in a sma..

849.00€ Ex Tax: 701.65€

Magnus ML-350

Magnus ML-350 is our most popular LED grow light. It is a very powerful lamp for the 'indoor horticu..

1,199.00€ Ex Tax: 990.91€

Magnus ML-700

Magnus ML-700 is our most powerful LED grow light. The ML-700 is a very powerful lamp for the 'indoo..

1,599.00€ Ex Tax: 1,321.49€

Magnus Mother Lamp 250W

The Magnus Mother lamp is the perfect solution for growing mothers for cuttings. You can compar..

849.00€ Ex Tax: 701.65€

Magnus MW-350 Water cooled

The Magnus MW-350 is a very powerful lamp with water cooling for the 'indoor horticulture', this lam..

949.00€ Ex Tax: 784.30€

Magnus MW-700 Water cooled

Magnus MW-700Magnus MW-700 is the most powerful water-cooled LED light for the 'indoor horticulture,..

1,500.21€ Ex Tax: 1,239.84€