Magnus Factory Kit 14 Lights & Sprinkler & Dimmer


Magnus Factory Kit 14 Lights & Sprinkler & Dimmer

Magnus Factory cutting kit | 14 light & Sprinkler | (no trolley)
Magnus has the ideal solution to increase and speed up production that requires less labor and also reduces energy cost significantly. Plus, you save valuable space thanks to its compact dimensions.  With the Magnus factories, you can produce a large number of seedlings or clones in a limited working space. You can easily control the light intensity and power, giving growers the flexibility to speed up or slow down their production. The fully automated sprinkler system enables the grower to minimize his working hours and achieve a optimize water management. The leds combined with the sprinklers create abundant growth and unparaleled root growth. You can simply configure the timer to program your water supply.

Magnus Factory cutting kit | 14 light & Sprinkler | (no trolley) with 14 light bars. 2 each for every layer. Each light bar consumes 60 watt which makes in total 840 watt. The light bars are the best solution for plant factory systems. This light set is without the factory, so you are able to configure your setup yourself.

- Faster and better root development
- Better and healthier results
- Energy efficient
- long life cycle
- Wide application – It provides light which suits general leafy plants and vegetable such as Lettuce, Herbs.
- Full spectrum display light
- Highly effective heat sink - All aluminum fixture
- Easy installation 

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