Magnus Interlight

Magnus Interlight

The Magnus Interlight is a side lamp for leafy tall plants. It gives bidirectional light positioned between plants, compensates for light on shaded part by upper leaves and neighboring plants. The Magnus Interlight suits tall and leafy plants such as tomato, paprika and cucumber, it can be used for both growing and flowering phase. It makes plants grow in balance, and increase production by up to 30%. It can be installed in serial connection, and you can adjust installation height as plants grow.

- LED grow light – Energy saving and long life lighting system

- High productivity –  Effective wavelength can boost production by up to 30%.

- Supplementary side light – It provides light from its both side, which suits tall and leafy plants such as Tomato, Paprika and Cucumber to supplement light between plants.

- General purpose – It can be used for both Growth and Flowering phase.

- Easy installation – SMPS is built in lamp body, the power cable with plug can be easily connected by cable jack, no need complex wire work.

- Horizontal serial connection / Multi-layer installation


- Power Consumption : 100 Watt

- Input Voltage : 90~245V, 50/60Hz

- Lighting : LED Grow Light - Linear (PPF  150μmol @250mm H)

- Lamp Angle : 130°

- Size : L 1200mm x W 40mm x H 60mm

- Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

- Cultivable Plants : Tomato, Paprika, Cucumber, etc.

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