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LED grow lights are becoming the new way to cultivate your crop. A lot of indoor farmers are switching to LED growlights with many advantages. Professional grow lights are more costly then HPS systems but the advantages of growing with LED are far more better than incomparison with HPS bulbs. Long life cycle. LED lights have a much longer life cycle then HPS bulbs. A professional LED light can last up to 10 years, after these years the light intensity decreases and the LED isn't as efficient it was in the beginning of operation. Our water-cooled serie COB lights have a life cycle of 20 years because of cooling the LEDS with a water system.

Light spectrum LED light can be designed with different light spectrums to achieve the best results depending on the crop you grow. Based on research and many test, we developed the right balance in colors and wavelenghts.

Less heat LED doesn't emit the same heat as HPS bulbs do. In warmer climates the heat emittion from HPS bulbs causes problems in the grow environment. With LED lights you don't have the same heat problems. Our water-cooled units have little to no heat radiation.

Energy efficient. LED lights are more energy efficient than HPS bulbs. For example our ML-270 has the same light intensity as a 600w HPS but only uses 270 watts. Now you can grow you crop with a low energy consumption without loosing light intensity

Even light distribution The magnus COB series have an even spread of light intensity and spectrum (measured in micromoles) when measuring the footprint in various areas with a PAR meter. This feature ensures that all plants receive sufficient light all over the crop.

Deeper canopy penetration The specially designed and unique parabolic lens allows for a better and deeper canopy penetraion compared to common lighting and most other LED's. This ensures increased production from top to bottom and improves the overall quality.

Far-red controll

Our COB LED lamps are equipped with a separate farred dimmer or switch. This ensures that the user can control the vegetative phase of the plant. ​

Higher THC & CBD values

Several lab tests of known institutes and universities have confirmed increased cannabinoids percentages in strains, grown under LED's. The same strains grown under HPS, showed a lower percentage in cannabinoids. Research confirmed also that plants grown under LED are healthier and end up with a better yield and taste compared to those cultivated under HPS lights.

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