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Water-cooled COB LED lights

Bijgewerkt op: 18 dec. 2018

Magnus Light water-cooled COB LED consume , 60% less energy than HPS and produce minimal 20% more light compared to the air-cooled LED's due to the innovative cooling system. The water-cooled COB lights are connected to a chiller in a closed loop. Several LED's can be connected to the chiller as long as the total power consumption of the LED's do not exceed the maximum cooling capacity of the chiller. The water that runs trough a chiller cools the PCB, the diodes and the entire unit, extending it's lamp life cycle to an amazing 100.000 light hours

Do not use distilled water as a cooling liquid! This will damage the lights!


Magnus passive & compressed chillers are professional cooling devises and advanced pyrolysis cooling system design.

These chillers need be used with the Magnus water-cooled COB led lights. The passive chillers the LED in a closed loop system using the environmental temperature to cool the water. The compressed chillers will cool the LED in a compressed cooling system.

With the compressed chillers it is possible to digitally adjust the water temperature with a maximum difference of 5 degrees Celsius of the ambient temperature of the room. With the passive chillers the temperature control regulated by fanpower and water circulation.

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